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This Swiss take on the romantic comedy looks a lot like the American one, but with a bit more cobblestone. In Will You Marry Us?, a set of believably attractive people in an idyllic Swiss town make a last-ditch attempt to avoid entering into loveless marriages and achieve true happiness in under 90 minutes. Rahel is an overworked civil servant who performs weddings with a scowl while lamenting the breakdown of her own marriage. That is, until she runs into her sexy ex-bandmate and one-hit-wonder Ben, who has returned to the small town of his childhood in order to ask Rahel to officiate over his wedding to an annoying but famous actress he doesn’t particularly like. Things progress predictably from there: the doe-eyed reunion between Ben and Rahel, the gradual character assassinations of Rahel’s deadbeat husband and Ben’s hysterical bride-to-be, all leading up to the dramatic wedding-day conclusion. As a comedy, the film produces some charming slapstick and ridiculous one-liners. It’s less successful as a romance—in the end, we’re forced to hope that our heroine ends up with a partner no better than the loser or the narcissist—the mopey emo guy who fears commitment and writes really terrible love songs. —AH