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Tikka Gold

Where Spotted: Granville Moore’s, 1238 H St. NE

Price: $8/500 ml

Belgian Quaffle: In the States, we usually see the daintier Belgian beers, but Tikka Gold is more Schlitz than Chimay. In 2008, faced with a bare-bones kitchen staff, Granville Moore’s exec chef Teddy Folkman and chef de cuisine Stephen Chapman needed hearty refreshment, washing their own dishes after an all-day shift. “I’d pound one,” said Folkman, miming an Animal House John Belushi. “And then be like, ‘OK, now gimme a beer.’”

Eurotrashed: Having heard Folkman recount the story, the bartender already knows what I mean when I ask for “your worst beer.” “It’s not that bad,” she says. “It’s the Olde English of Belgium.” That’s faint praise, but when it’s 90 degrees outside and you can’t stomach the thought of a spicy, boozy abbey ale, this chuggable beer is your refuge.