Dupont Foret

Where Spotted: Pizzeria Paradiso, 2003 P St. NW

Price: $9/12 oz.

Petal GURU: Springtime calls for floral beer, and the certified-organic Foret is almost pollen-infused-nectar. It’s a saison, a style traditionally brewed in open-air farmhouses in francophone Belgium, where warm fermentation temperatures and musty barnyard air would coax funky aromas out of the yeast. Today’s brewers rely on the same yeast strains, though they eschew the wafting manure.

No myxomatosis, either: If your idea of funk is more Jackson Browne than James, trying a saison on draft might ease you into the style. Both bottles and kegs are “conditioned,” or primed with yeast so the beer will develop in the container. But on tap the beer is fresher, which gives the yeast less time to party and downplays the barnyard aromas, says Greg Jasgur, bar manager at Pizzeria Paradiso. It’s a safe place to start, like opening karaoke night with “Doctor My Eyes.”