Weyerbacher Verboten

Where Spotted: RFD Washington, 810 7th St. NW

Price: $6.50 a pint

60-Minute Man: I’ve been called to jury duty and, like everyone at the Superior Court building, I’m bored out of my skull. Between screenings of an orientation video and Sandra Bullock’s equally scintillating performance inThe Net, I’m plotting a dash for beer during our one-hour feeding allotment. It’s slim pickings downtown—Cosi and Subway are strictly on the wagon—but if you’re quick you can just manage a back-porch beer at RFD before it’s back to the holding pen.

A Rush to Judgment: Sweet and golden with a hop kick, Weyerbacher Verboten follows the trend of Belgian-style ales with American hoppiness—a trend that’s particularly welcome in hot weather. It has a full body, with the flavor and viscosity of an in-season peach, but finishes with a straw bite thanks to Centennial and Cascade hops, two types common in American pale ales. And at a scant 6 percent abv, it’s light enough to keep your mind focused on any civic duties you might have to perform afterward.