A 14-year-old Israeli girl hangs herself on a tree outside her sleeping mother’s bedroom window. What ensues is a tragic fight between her grieving mother, Lilith, who wants to cremate the body and scatter the ashes in the ocean, and ZAKA (a Hebrew abbreviation for “Disaster Victim Identification”), a powerful Israeli religious organization that believes such a burial will leave the tortured girl’s soul in limbo. Lilith is an eccentric woman who becomes even more of an outcast in her community because of her choice. But as the public fight continues, her contradictions, dark secrets, and sometimes crazed behavior will leave viewers questioning their sympathy for her. Director Eytan Harris tells his story tastefully; missing, though, is any real clue as to why Lilith’s daughter decided to take her own life. Excerpts from her diary indicate that she suffered from depression for some time, but her mother and brother offer little speculation. Despite the lingering question, Harris is able to expose the real tragedy in this story: a mother’s loss of her young child.

At 9:15 p.m. at AFI Silver Theater 3; also on Thursday, June 24, at 11:30 a.m. at AFI Silver Theater 2