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The point of The DeVilles is as mysterious as love itself. At 56 minutes, Nicole N. Horanyi’s film isn’t quite a slog, but its meandering storytelling fails to sketch its main characters vividly enough to make viewers give a damn. The premise is promising: What happens when a burlesque dancer, Terri Lee Geary (aka Kitten DeVille), and her punk-frontman husband, Shawn Geary—now firmly ensconced in a lovely home with three kids—keep acting as they did when they met 26 years ago? Terri, a Marilyn Monroe look-alike, now needs more makeup and dimmer lighting to conceal the crags brought on by the couple’s former hard living, and she breaks her youngest daughter’s heart when she has to leave for stretches at a time to work. And Shawn—well, he still loves his wife, but her increasingly shrill henpecking and frequent absences put a damper on romance. They play, they fight, they take a break, with nuggets from Terri’s diary peppered throughout. Their future is uncertain. But really, who cares? Nearly as puzzling as the why of this film is the how—both the clearly penned diary and everyone’s plain-English dialogue is subtitled. You may not be all that curious about what happens to the Gearys, but you’re not going to miss a word of it.

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