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Standout Track: No. 2, “Caroline,” on which thunderous, taiko-inspired drums open into a power-pop chorus. Just 3 minutes long, the song is catchy and simple. “Our other songs are much more narrative,” says singer Michael Parker. “‘Caroline’ is less about telling people something and more about trying to make people feel something.”

Musical Motivation: “‘Caroline,’ in French, means ‘song of joy,’ Parker says. It’s also the name of the (imaginary) woman Parker serenades, one who’s uncertain about her unconventional life. “I wanted to sing a song that reassures her…lets her know that the things she wants and the things she loves all will happen,” he explains. That idea, however, may not have come through in lyrics such as “No one else is watching/I’m surrounded by machines.” “The band thought it was about robot sex,” Parker says.

Poultry in Motion: Drummer Kabir Khanna, 24, recorded the song’s crashing percussion in a barn in Poolesville, Md. There the band ran into some unusual technical problems when, during a downpour, dozens of chickens roosted underneath the structure. “There was definitely an episode where a chicken made its way into the studio, and we had to chase it around,” Khanna says. “I don’t think you can hear any chickens in the final mix. Maybe we should have left them on there.”

Detox Retox performs Saturday at 9 p.m. at the Black Cat. $10-$12.