July 8-25
607 New York Ave. NW
Washington, DC

Beginning in 2005, this July makes it the 5th Annual Fringe Festival. For those of you who are not sure what this festival entails, it is an open-access performing arts festival in the D.C. area.

Capital Fringe strives to maintain the open-access policy of the Fringe, ensuring performers can take part in a vibrant Festival without being subjected to artistic vetting or selection. DC is full of committees, institutions, special event art promoters and politically-appointed individuals who curate and filter the performing arts. They determine ‘artistic value’ for audiences, and often communicate to many artists that their story/work does not have a place. We are leaving these decisions up to the people. We believe in you the Audience and in you the Artist. We believe in the power of artistic natural selection and we invite you to create, explore, attempt, fall short, and succeed with us. To risk. We approach our work and our mission as an organic process: things ebb and flow and we respond to energy taking its natural course.

We advise you to approach the Festival in very much the same way – be adventurous! Follow your instincts and go see something you never thought you’d like – instead of being frozen in indecision for two hours. If indecision is your thing however, then come nurse a cold micro-brew at the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar. There are many free, live music and performance offerings going on at the Baldacchino throughout the Festival, and we’ll let you hang out all day – at least until its time to go home.

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