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Where Spotted: Safeway at CityVista, 490 L St. NW

Price: $7.69 per six-pack

License to Swill: I knew a friend who, in his teens, got his hands on a fake ID (for the obvious purposes). His first illicit alcohol purchase was a Saranac Adirondack Trail Mix, a wondrous package that offers six different beers—only one of them yellow. It was thus that my friend discovered black lager, pale ale, stout, and other flavorful styles that help open a neophyte’s mind to the greater possibilities of beer drinking. I don’t think he’s looked back since the original exercise in underage imbibing.

Beer 1.0: Curious drinkers could do worse than this down-market variety pack, especially at the Safeway at CityVista, which has more shelves for Bahamas-themed coolers than craft beer. None of the beers are amazing—the pale ale smells like mushrooms, and the black lager tastes like Coke. But it’s a cheap education, and with six different bottles you’ll discover what style you like before upgrading to a better brew.