Dance may be a language unto itself, a way of unspooling complex narratives through a series of abstract expressions, but the idea of movement without full context remains a sore point for the uninitiated. Next Reflex Dance Collective founders Erika Surma and Roxann Morgan Rowley know this, but are counting on their audience to provide that yearned-for backstory. In Electro Shutdown & The Pea, attendees become unwitting participants in the spectacle, mingling with the performers—assuming the guise of staff and patrons—at the opening of D.C.’s hottest new nightclub, “The Pea.” The company’s early footprint has trended toward the sweet and soulful—the slapstick cadence of its previous work Catch belied some serious chops. That light touch should prove perfect for this milieu, where the company is building a completely immersive, extrasensory environment from the ground up. Bring a pair of comfortable shoes: The performance closes, appropriately enough, with an open dance floor.

THE PERFORMANCE TAKES PLACE AT 7 P.M. (8 P.M. SATURDAY) AT DANCE PLACE, 3225 8TH ST. NE. $8-$22. (202) 269-1600.