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The hardest working insects in the community are the bright red Ants. As soon as they’re awake they spend their day gathering food: On the menu today – kiwis and corn. But it’s not all work. They play with their food, too – with their feet – in an astonishing display of precision juggling that climaxes with ants juggling ants.

Combining hand-to-hand, ballet, contortion and an aerial flying act, this pair of Butterflies performs a pas de deux on a rope that allows them to swoop and land, leap and fly in perfect unison.

In a mix of high-speed diabolo and seemingly impossible juggling a firefly sends one, two, three and finally an astonishing four spinning spools arcing very high in the Grand Chapiteau and back to earth in perfect coordination.

A Dragonfly performs a graceful balancing act in and out of the slender stalks and twisting tendrils of an elegant plant. It takes extraordinary control and strength to transfer his weight from one hand to the other as he maintains equilibrium upside down on top of the foliage.

The Flea
Combining elements of dance, acrobatics, athleticism and sheer agility, five yellow and-red fleas fling themselves through the air and come together in graceful, perfectly balanced sculptural formations.

The Fly
The Foreigner is a fly in constant buzzing motion, a live wire, an attention seeker, full of bravado and misplaced confidence – and sometimes just plain crazy. The sexy spider doesn’t stand a chance of winning his heart when he sees The Ladybug for the first time. He’s instantly smitten!

The Ladybug
The Ladybug is big and strong (but doesn’t realize it) and full of life. Unlike all the other insects in the community she is not part of a family. She’s all alone and lonely, and she’s secretly waiting for something wonderful to happen in her life… something like love. When The Foreigner arrives carrying a strange egg she’s excited by the possibility that her life – and everyone else’s – could be about to change.

In a tour-de-force performance a spider defies gravity and physics in a succession of seemingly impossible feats of strength and balance as he traverses a wire that appears to give him no support. At one point he hangs at a 45-degree angle over the ground, some 15 feet below, and he tops that with an upside-down unicycle act. And the wire is in almost-constant motion up and down, adding to the degree of difficulty.

Grasshoppers on the Wall
This act features some 20 artists running, jumping, and walking across – and straight up – an 8m vertical wall without artificial support. Power track and trampolines give them the speed, lift and momentum to take flight. Their athletic ability, physical strength and team coordination take care of the rest.