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In the time it will take you to read this paragraph, former Guided by Voices frontman Robert Pollard could have written a song. Or three songs. Maybe even a concept album about gophers that play Beatles covers. Pollard’s well-known prolificness has made him a one-man, lo-fi Brill Building; his latest project, Boston Spaceships, has released more albums in the past two years than most bands manage in a decade. Yet even with a catalog dense enough to encompass numerous musical-studies dissertations, Pollard is best remembered for GBV’s indisputable mid-’90s one-two punch of Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes. Buoyed by the hefty payday the band was promised to play Matador Records’ 21st anniversary party in Las Vegas, Pollard has decided to get the ol’ gang back together for what is being touted as “The Hallway of Shatter-proof Glass Tour.” The Guided by Voices present will be its “classic 94-96 line-up,” which should silence any naysayers predicting that GBV won’t play “the good stuff.”

GUIDED BY VOICES PERFORMS AT 6:30 P.M. ON THURSDAY, OCT. 21, AT THE 9:30 CLUB, 815 V ST. NW. $30. (202) 265-0930.