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Standout Track: No. 4, “Electricity Through the Heart,” which—if you yearn for the synthpop sounds of the ’80s and found last year’s Depeche Mode record underwhelming—totally has you covered. The D.C. quartet has been cranking out synth-smothered dance tunes since its first show at Wonderland Ballroom in mid-2007. Fast-forward three years and the group has produced its confident eponymous debut. “We’ve been working on it in piecemeal fashion for most of the year,” says multi-instrumentalist Patrick Kigongo. “We did some recording at a studio in American University…We have some friends who go there and started work there. We took demos we made … did overdubs in the studio, and came out with something more serious.”

Musical Motivation: Vocalist Anna Rozzi takes lead-singer duty here, a song she penned with bandmate Brock Boss—the two tend to collaborate on lyrics. Kigongo says the music stemmed from “some programming Brock had lying around,” and the band shaped it collectively. “The songs tend to germinate with something as one person and getting passed around the group,” says Kigongo. In the studio, the band layered complex backing vocals that are difficult to replicate live, but that embellish on the track’s Juno keyboard-laden groove.

Two Hearts Beat as One: Rozzi says “Electricity” is “about connections—whether those be the electrical impulses and connections that keep our hearts beating or the ones that keep us feeling.” It celebrates the biochemical element behind any romance, she says. It’s an uplifting vibe exploring the aspects of human connectivity that, according to Rozzi, “keep us somehere positive despite the heart’s penchant for stopping.”