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Standout Track: No. 3, “Liveblogging the Loss of My Virginity,” a bustling, schizophrenic hardcore rager that matches the nervous excitement of the song’s Internet-savvy protagonist. Against a sea of jagged noise, singer Andrew Nichols bellows, “Mind is racing/Hands are fumbling/Worried about the condom/When I should be tumbling.”

Musical Motivation: Nichols and drummer Brandon Korch saw Pissed Jeans play at the Rock & Roll Hotel in April, and wanted to pay tribute. “We were like, ‘We can be in a band named Shat Shorts, and we’ll have songs like ‘Liveblogging the Loss of My Virginity,’” says Nichols. “It started off as a ‘This is gonna be kind of a funny song idea,’ and then from that I wrote the lyrics around that.” Structured like a liveblog, the tune kicks off at 7:45 p.m. with the hero juggling preparations for sexual intimacy and Internet fame. Fittingly, the song is the shortest on the band’s first cassette, Seersucker and Sundresses (on Elkhorn, Wis., label Keep It Together Records).

What’s in a Name? “If you name yourself Shat Shorts, you’re obviously gonna get a lot of shit for it, no pun intended,” says Nichols. “People don’t know if we’re a joke or not, or they can’t really figure out what we are.” Shat Shorts may not be a joke, but the band members certainly have a sense of humor. The artwork for Seersucker and Sundresses features a collection of humorous riffs on the bands name that Nichols took from an Internet thread. “The name, I kind of deal with it now,” says Nichols. “Anything else would be selling out.”