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Nero watched Rome burn while playing his lyre. Mount Vesuvius buried Pompeii in fiery ash and lava without a second thought. And the Russians torched Moscow in 1812 to ensure that Napoleon and his troops would find no comfort within its walls when they invaded. But to whom is Two Gallants frontman Adam Haworth Stephens singing in his song “The Cities That You’ve Burned?” Maybe he’s being all metaphorical, and talking about the singed hearts of his ex-girlfriend’s former lovers. Just be careful if you bring out your lighter during his set tonight, when he’ll be playing torch songs from his solo album, We Live on Cliffs: Headliners the Felice Brothers are pretty good, too, and it’d be a shame if the place burned down before they reached the stage.

STEPHENS PERFORMS AT 8 P.M. AT ROCK & ROLL HOTEL, 1353 H ST. NE. $15. (202) 388-7625.