Standout Track: No. 1, “All I’ve Got,” a quick and dirty brat-punk rager, which for all its exuberance has a pretty downcast message. “But just when you think that it’s all right, it’s not,” spits Tennent McCabe. “I’m all I’ve got,” he finally concludes, although it’s fair to assume he’s just being rhetorical. Maybe, Baby, Tennent says, “is just me and my girlfriend—I dunno, she plays drums, I play guitar. So we started a band.”

Musical Motivation: OK, maybe not so rhetorical. “It’s about my shitty granddad,” says, McCabe, 19, who lives in Alexandria. Last year, McCabe and his family found out they had less than a week to move homes. “He technically owned our house but he just, like, sold the house without telling us.” McCabe took his guitar and amp to bandmate Rachel Hortman’s house, and wrote “All I’ve Got” soon after. “I can only write songs using negative energy I guess,” he says.

A Bold Fresh Piece of O’Reilly: The version of “All I’ve Got” that the band’s label, Windian, sent to media leads off with a sample of Bill O’Reilly’s famous “We’ll do it live! Fuck it!” rant. But you won’t hear it on the vinyl version. “It was supposed to be there, but the pressing plant was scared they were going to get sued or something,” McCabe says. He ended up sending Windian an O’Reilly-less file of the song for the vinyl. Luckily, Papa Bear is still on the CD and digital versions.