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Where Spotted: Capitol Supermarket, 1231 11th St. NW

Price: $6.99/six-pack

Bock to the Future: Childhood treats so often disappoint us as adults—the oatmeal cream pies are less gooey, the mac less cheesy. After I discovered good beer, the Yuengling Lager that once opened my eyes became as appealing as wet cardboard. But the newly revived Bock recipe, Yuengling’s heftier, syrupy cousin, recaptures the sticky-sweet memories of my first Yuengling. The flavors are simple, but so is the pleasure.

Just Kidding: Yuengling Bock hovers at 5.1% abv, a paltry strength for the German style of strong lager. Dark bocks are tough to find in the U.S. (don’t get me started on Michelob’s egregious adulteration), but if you’re after rich caramel, look to the doppelbock. Classic German versions are readily available from Ayinger, Augustiner, and Weihenstephaner. If these multisyllabic names won’t stick in your mind, just look for a beer with a goat on the label.