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Where Spotted: American Ice Company, 917 V St. NW

Price: $6/.3L

Pint-Sized? In the Czech Republic, the idea of pilsner in a dainty 12-ounce glass is as laughable as a vegetarian menu. It’s yeoman’s beer, for the slaking for thirst and drowning of sorrows. Meanwhile, I emptied my glass before I could even finish cursing the brewery for marketing this gilded goblet—and damning the bar for obliging. And at American Ice Co., it’s not just the imports that’ll break your wallet; Racer 5 and Goose Island 312 each fetch $8 a glass.

Czech Yourself: And yet, if I find myself back there, I’ll order another Czechvar. Most Czech pilsner reaches us in bottles, which is a sure way to skunk the perishable lager, but a pressurized, lightproof keg preserves its freshness. Avoid a Czechvar six-pack at all costs, but if you can get it on tap, you’ll discover a depth of malt that would drive most American craft brewers to drink.