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Where Spotted: Whole Foods, 4530 40th St. NW

Price: $9.99/six-pack

New Beer’s Resolution: I spend my summers hunting IPAs and avoiding the pallid Belgian wheats that breweries peddle to would-be Corona drinkers. But after the holiday binge and heavy-beer onslaught, I usually crave the light, spicy style come New Year’s Day. A trip to the grocery reveals that Bell’s is practically the only shop brewing a witbier in winter, but it’s a pretty good one, lemony and fast.

SNOW-blinded: It pays to buck the trend: I can’t tell you how often I’ve been served this beer by a party host who had no idea what they had bought, and just went for the snow-capped label. As luck would have it, this means I stumble across lots of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, too. In my mind, IPAs are always in season, but if log cabins and holly help push hops, bring on the schmaltz.