There’s a fine line between being preachy and prophetic when mixing politics and rock ‘n’ roll, but with the release of Entertainment in 1979, British post-punkers Gang of Four drew it as thickly as it could. With 2011’s Content marking the band’s first release in 16 years, Gang of Four’s angular punk-funk and Orwellian paranoia still cut to the bone, through the noise, and behind the curtain better than any of its many imitators. After a decade of renewed cynicism and apathy toward all things political (the momentary fanfare of “hope” and “change” notwithstanding), it’s actually surprising there hasn’t been a resurgence of the kind of finger-pointing rock that put Gang of Four on the map.

GANG OF FOUR PERFORM WITH HOLLERADO AT 7 P.M. AT THE 9:30 CLUB, 815 V ST. NW. $35. (202) 265-0930.

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