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These days, John Mellencamp gets more press for being Mr. Meg Ryan than for writing songs that wind up in Chevy commercials. Perhaps in an effort to distance himself from both the paparazzi and the auto industry, the veteran rocker is touring a series of relatively intimate venues. He’ll be playing left-field covers, digging deep into his back catalog for rarities, and completely reworking some of his better-known tunes. And if “Jack and Diane” falls into the last category, I’ve got a suggestion about how he can update the ’80’s classic to reflect 2011. It goes a little something like this: “Here’s a ditty about John and Meg Ryan/Two American adults dating in Hollywoodland/John is already a rock ‘n’ roll star/Meg used to act, but she hasn’t done anything of note since she slept with Russell Crowe and destroyed her marriage to Dennis Quaid.” Take it or leave it, John, but I think I smell a hit.

JOHN MELLENCAMP PERFORMS AT 7 P.M. AT DAR CONSTITUTION HALL, 1776 D ST. NW. $45-$128.50. (202) 628-4780.