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We are currently accepting applications for Crafty Bastards Silver Spring. The show will be held Saturday, June 28th at Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center on Georgia Ave. in Silver Spring, MD. Crafty Bastards Silver Spring will have a focus on learning, an emphasis on craft workshops, and highlight up-and-coming artists and those newer to the indie craft scene. There are 50 10ft.x10ft. booth spaces available. Applications will be accepted through April 16, 2008. The jury will review the entries and we will notify everyone of their status via email by April 22. Here’s how to register for the June 28th Crafty Bastards show:

  1. Getting Started: Make sure you have time to complete the full application – you shouldn’t need more than 15 minutes to fill out the full application, providing you read all of these instructions and have the necessary materials at hand. If you are sharing a booth, make sure you read the instructions carefully. Boothsharing is allowed, but we require that one person start the registration process and submit payment for the entire booth. Each booth member will be able to submit their own contact info, vendor statement and images once the first booth member has paid.
  2. Contact Information: Enter your contact information into this part – including a short description of your work. This doesn’t have to be long, and we will limit to 300 characters. If you have boothsharers, make sure you select the boothsharing option, then continue entering your information as if you were applying alone. You’ll have a chance to invite your booth mates to enter their info after you submit the application fee.
  3. Upload your images: We want to see your work! You must upload three images, no more and no less, each of which should be no bigger than 1MB in size. If you are sharing booth, each booth member needs to upload 3 images.
  4. Terms and Conditions: Read them, all of them, and don’t say we didn’t warn you afterwards.
  5. Payment: The application fee is $10. It is non-refundable. You can use your paypal account or a credit card. Your application will not be accepted without payment. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have submitted your application fee, make sure to click back from Paypal so we know you’ve paid. Boothsharers: you must click back to Crafty Bastards site in order to invite your boothmates to fill out their portion of the application.
  6. Finished! That’s it. Make sure you add craftybastards@washingtoncitypaper.com to your address book so you don’t miss any important announcements or updates.

Read the instructions? For answers to your further questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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