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The wisdom of old age or the stupidity of youth? That’s one of the crucial topics debated in Julia’s Disappearance, a talky but enjoyable drama about the pros and cons of getting older. If age is just a number, numbers are something to be feared according to the title character (Corinna Harfouch)—a woman who freaks out on the bus ride to her 50th birthday party and decides to take her time getting to the dreaded celebration. Left waiting at a restaurant is a handful of Julia’s friends, who invariably turn the conversation to aging. (Although some of the talk, particularly between two May/December lovers, is passive-aggressive, there’s a funny moment when the group decides to order and everyone reaches for their reading glasses.) But Julia’s isn’t the only story here; we also visit a bitter old coot’s 80th birthday party at a retirement home, which she gleefully ruins, and follow a pair of teen girls who decide to shoplift a gift for a friend. Though Julia’s party-evading adventure alone would make a satisfying film, these subplots deepen the discussion and add comedy to boot.

At 6:45 p.m.; also on Saturday, April 9 at 7 p.m. Both showings at Avalon Theatre.