Like most spontaneously vivified auto parts, Robert the tire has the ability to make humans’ heads explode. At least that’s the type of absurdist non-logic this film would have you accept. Rubber is a dark but ridiculous riff on B-movie horror, in which a telekinetically empowered tire goes on a killing spree, doling out the same kind of literal mind-blowing you might remember from Scanners. There’s plenty of laughable gore, but it’s all paired with a heady “no reason” philosophy. The film’s writer and director, Quentin Dupieux, is a relative newcomer to cinema—he first made a name for himself with the French techno hit song “Flat Beat”—but his misfit flick has a distinct authorial voice. So far, critics have been split, with some unsure that the premise merits an 85-minute film. If you’re fan, there’s only one fate you should wish upon the haters.

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