Where Spotted: Modern Liquors, 1200 9th St. NW

Price: $11.99/6-pack

Public Intoxication: Waiting in line outside Meridian Pint for the first sip of DC Brau last month, the air was giddier than election night. The word on everyone’s lips was “finally.” The last time the District had its own production brewery, man had yet to reach the moon. Now, as beer has gone from commodity to craft and good beer is reaching the mainstream, our city has arrived: one giant hop for mankind.

Can Quotidien: I think I was three beers deep before I stopped to, you know, smell the proverbial roses and note how our new hometown pride actually tasted. It’s a pale ale for the new American palate, which is to say: hoppy. With 6 percent alcohol by volume and a sticky hop bouquet, it’s almost too aggressive to sip and savor, but perfect for burying your nose in the glass and gulping, which makes for a great everyday beer. But being a homeboy and all, maybe I’m biased.