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Standout Track: No. 1, “Pendejas,” the latest take on Moombahton, the microgenre invented in 2009 by D.C. ex-pat Dave Nada. “Pendejas” brings in echoes of heavy bass and dubstep and a traditional Latin melody, resulting in a concussive energy: With Dominicana chanteuse Maluca on the hook and a sample of an elephant’s wail, it’s not shocking that a video shoot for the single at U Street’s Velvet Lounge was a crowd-surfing carnival of excess.

Musical Motivation: The collaboration between U Street Music Hall co-owner Jesse Tittsworth and singer/songwriter and producer Alvin Risk (née Mauricio Alvarado, 29) was years in the making. “Mauricio helped develop and install the sound at U Hall, but I knew him from, like, seven years ago because we were both heavily into D.C.’s drum and bass scene” says Tittsworth, 32. The two agreed to collaborate after Alvarado played Tittsworth some of his work, but by then, a different sound was taking over D.C. “About 10 months ago, Moombahton was really getting big, and Mauricio and I were working on some new material, so we collaborated on this with that material,” Tittsworth says. “‘Pendejas’ was the first track we had completed, and the rest of the EP flowed from there.”

Brain Food: Tittsworth’s blog sometimes chronicles his exploits as an amateur foodie: He’s eaten everything from live octopus to the majority of a pig’s muscles and tendons. But for the studio session at Alvarado’s Petworth house that produced “Pendejas,” Tittsworth went with a safer choice. “Cracker Jacks and Crunch ‘n Munch,” he says. “We’d buy tons of it, and pretty much eat that for days at a time, locked away in the basement.”