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Davy Rothbart cries a lot. As the editor of Found, a yearly compendium of discarded notes and other printed errata, Rothbart sorts through plenty of strangers’ secrets, but that’s not what sets him off. In My Heart Is an Idiot, a documentary of several years of his love life, Rothbart dates a few different women. And though the end of each relationship elicits operatic sobs from Rothbart, it’s usually because he cheated. The film follows Rothbart around the country on a speaking tour while he pines for Alex, a girl with whom you just want to stay up late with reading Brooklyn Vegan and whispering sweet nothings about what to name the cat. He gets face-in-the gutter drunk in San Francisco, receives mystical guidance from his “awesome” mom, and seeks out advice from his friends, including This American Life host Ira Glass. But the best tip Rothbart gets comes from an avuncular Newt Gingrich. Oddly enough, the former House speaker, whose romantic infidelity is well-documented, would fit right in at Rothbart’s hip-as-fuck pity party.

The film screens at 8 p.m. at The Fridge, 516 8th St. SE. $8.