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By now, overdrive-happy producers XXXChange and Devlin are old hands, so consider Win Win their valedictory fucking-around project. But there’s little that’s outre about the self-titled debut from the group (whose third member is Ghostdad, who makes warped video art starring The Internet). Instead, it’s a tour of familiar sounds, if not the grimy kind the producers, both collaborators of Philly skinny-jeans rapper Spank Rock, are known for. Win Win stretches from bouncy Ed Banger pastiches to moon-gazing dream pop to the kind of assaultive electro-garage-cum-nu-metal championed by Sleigh Bells and carried forth by The Death Set, Win Win’s touring mates. It’s experimental only in that it’s out of character for the producers, and to be sure, there are some too-sleek duds. But Win Win makes it count when it brings in the big guns: “Interleave With You,” featuring Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, is a moody, satisfying no-burner. And lead single “Releaserpm” has a hook from Gang Gang Dance’s Lizzi Bougatsos that’s airy yet massive, womblike yet tropical. Neither song’s instrumental shows off, which is how you know XXXChange and Devlin are pros. They rarely try to star in their own songs.

Win Win performs with The Death Set at 8 p.m. at Red Palace, 1212 H St. NE. $12.