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Iraq, Katrina, economic collapse—liberal activists had no shortage of legitimate reasons to flood St. Paul, Minn., in September 2008 to protest at the Republican National Convention. Showing up to create mayhem, pick a fistfight with the authorities, and launch Molotov cocktails at police cars might have been overdoing it. But that’s what Texas activists David McKay and Bradley Crowder tried to do, until their supposed mentor turned out to be an FBI snitch. McKay and Crowder received hardcore protest training from Brandon Darby, a post-Katrina relief worker who founded his New Orleans restoration project with tinges of anarchy. It was Darby who encouraged them to get rowdy at the convention. And it was Darby who spilled all the brewing leftwing rage to the authorities. Through court transcripts and jailhouse interviews, Better This World smacks around a Justice Department that relied on possible entrapment to convict a couple of kids who were ginned up by one of its own.

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