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There is nothing remotely interesting about Josh “Screech” Sandoval, the subject of Tristan Patterson’s Dragonslayer. The Orange County skater punk likes to drink and get high. He’s somewhat talented, having secured sponsorship in the past, but at the time of filming he’s just hoboing around, everywhere from a metal fest in Sweden to a tent in a friend’s yard. Though the film is bookended by starkly colored scenes of him dominating empty swimming pools, he’s just as often shown wiping out at various events. Screech doesn’t have a job—though he does, somewhat horrifically, have a kid—but he gets by, partly with the help of his ridiculously laid-back girlfriend, Leslie. (She’s just as happy to eschew work in order to tramp from place to place.) The doc is divided into 11 sections, counted down from 10 to 0, a gimmick that doesn’t add anything to the film; odd chapter titles only serve to confuse. At one point, Screech watches a friend gut a fish. “There’s not much to a fish, huh?” he says. There’s not much to Dragonslayer, either.

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