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Where Spotted: Shake Shack, 1216 18th St. NW

Price: $5/pint

Brand of the Free: Your average burger chain would have you believe that a famous brown soda is the classic accompaniment to the star-spangled platter that is a burger and fries. But Shake Shack knows no sugar bomb can bring true refreshment. However invested they are in eponymous shakes, D.C.’s new burger overlords have also put their proverbial chips in beer, contracting this golden ale from Brooklyn Brewery to slake fry-induced thirst.

Foam of the Brave: The bright-as-sunshine ShackMeister Ale is remarkable for its neutrality. It has none of the off-flavors you’d find in a Bud, Miller, or Coors product. But, to that end, it has no flavor, either. It’s light enough for swillers, but just too substantive to spell “L-I-T-E.” Well-made but with a strong nod to America’s mid-century tradition of mass production, it’s hard to imagine a back-to-basics burger chain putting their brand on anything else.