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Where Spotted: Barrel House Liquors, 1341 14th St. NW

Price: $11.99

Honey Nose: I’ve been gushing over drinkable beer lately, so when I heard that these two local breweries were to wed over a six-pack of Maryland-made matrimony, I ran to the store faster than a terrapin. (Hey, I’m a beer writer.) The payoff was a heady, five percent alcohol by volume Belgian-style pale ale brewed with wildflower honey. The sugars mostly ferment out, making for a semi-dry sip, but the honey leaves a bundle of floral and bitter aromas in its wake.

Extreme Caution: Are you sick of reading me prattle on about the wonders of nuanced, refreshing, low-alcohol beers? Are you tired of the word “crisp?” To prove I haven’t gone soft, next week I’ll hit the high gravity stuff. My health, employment, and social relationships be damned. But before I kick ass, I’ll take names—specifically, from you. Send me your big, bad beer suggestions at, and check back next week to see if I’m loving life, or writhing in bed nursing a Dupont Avril.