A year ago, True Womanhood was loud and scuzzy, with earsplitting reverb that thrashed and ricocheted around the stage. But earlier this year, Thomas Redmond Jr. and Noam Eisner decided to go fully electronic, writing moombahton-inspired songs like “Minajah” and covering and remixing tracks by the Denver-based electronic artist Pictureplane. True Womanhood’s version of “Dark Rift” was typically gloomy, but with sharpened vocals and a reassembled beat that won the band plenty of new admirers, including Pictureplane himself, who said, “No one has ever covered my music this well before.” Now living in New York, True Womanhood comes home to open for fashionable local band U.S. Royalty. The headliner’s Morricone-tinged bucolics are a bit too reminiscent of The Killers’ Sam’s Town, but perhaps the Thornley brothers will dispense a few tips on how to dress like Rumours-era Lindsey Buckingham.

True Womanhood performs with U.S. Royalty and Birdlips at 8 p.m. at the 9:30 Club, 815 V St. NW. $15.