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Standout Track: No. 4, “Into the Night.” The song, included on the New York City Girls EP by singer and guitarist Joshua Padgett and drummer Viraj DeSilva, is a latticework of fuzzy guitars and drowned-out vocals. “We layered the songs from the ground up,” Padgett says. It’s also the most straightforwardly pop track on the release. Padgett and DeSilva build a tightly wound anthem that shifts from chants of the song’s title to a Spanish coda that loosely translates to “Follow your dreams after the bad nights.”

Musical Motivation: After a bit more turnover than Padgett is comfortable describing, he and DeSilva, who’ve been in the band since its founding in 2001, decided to record New York City Girls in—surprise, surprise—New York. Through a friend, they were introduced to producer Chuck Brody, a Sony BMG veteran who’s worked with artists ranging from Ted Leo to Jennifer Lopez. The whole EP is gauzy but polished. “That’s how Chuck works,” Padgett says. “He took his experience with pop music and put it with more of an underground rock sound.”

Deliver Us From EVOL: Growing up in Arlington, Padgett, 32, was into Dischord and the rest of the post-hardcore scene. But, he says, “The first band I got really hooked into was Sonic Youth.” He tinkered with the composition of “Into the Night” right up until he laid down the final tracks. Although the song was first written with a more broken melody, he says “I was about to record, and I said, ‘Fuck it, I’m gonna do a Beach Boys thing.’”