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You heard it here first: The greatest easy-listening group since the Carpenters might be Calories Blah Blah, the Thai duo of singer Pongkool “Pop” Suebsung and guitarist Asawin “Win” Durinyangkoon, who write and perform utterly earnest, totally gentle pop and soft-jazz songs that somehow sound more dignified than gooey. Suebsung is the key: He’s a very large man who sings in a high, clear tenor with few gestures or facial expressions, as if embellishing the melody would only cheapen the moment. There isn’t much English-language information available about Calories Blah Blah, but there are plenty of videos of the duo online. And, awesomely,many have phonetic karaoke subtitles, which means you can learn to sing along even if you don’t speak Thai. Tonight, Suebsung and Durinyangkoon perform with a full band, because songs this love-struck need more than just a guitar.

Calories Blah Blah perform at 9 p.m. at Cafe Asia, 1550 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. $45.