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Where Spotted: Gift shop at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens

Price: $5/12 oz. bottle

Buy George: Normally, I’d be wary of a gimmicky souvenir brew sold at Mount Vernon alongside grandma porcelain and commemorative coins. But this bottle had a seal of approval greater than any founding fathers’: the Yards logo. Yards is a Philadelphia brewery with a knack for English styles, from its hefty copper IPA to its toffee-tinged ESB, whose casks proliferate around the Philly area. If there’s anyone I’d trust with a historic-recipe concept like Ales of the Revolution, it’s this City of Brotherly Love brewery with a soft spot for the Redcoats.

Ale to the Chief: Speaking of wariness, molasses is another beer idea with a paltry success rate. In fumbling hands, its rough-hewn sweetness is a sure way to make a beer taste like vegan brownies. But Yards keeps it in check, with just enough fudgy richness to beef up an otherwise roasty porter that weighs in at a substantial 7 percent alcohol by volume. Unless you really want an engraved George Washington paperweight, this is the best $5 you’ll spend at MountVernon.