Michael Foody

Dear comedy bookers,

Michael Foody is the best stand-up in the D.C. area. I understand why you may not want to book him. He is an outsider. Michael Foody will do things “as weird as I can get away with,” he says. He describes his affect as Jack Handy’s “Deep Thoughts” come to life. A comic’s comic, Foody doesn’t pander to the crowd, regardless of the room. His material is thought-out: It’s the work of someone who has studied comedy and understands what it takes to develop an original voice. He’ll avoid an easy punchline and go for the one that will make him laugh, but this isn’t a bad thing. Foody isn’t a polarizing figure. He has much more in common with, say, Eugene Mirman than Marc Maron. He doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable, he just wants to use his mind while telling jokes.