Rebollar Dance’s “Tinsel and Bone” at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage
Oct. 6 and 7

Erica Rebollar recently arrived in D.C., but she’s earned her chops in Los Angeles, New York, and Indonesia—and has a precise, contemporary style to show for it. In her first big performance in the area, Rebollar will perform “Tinsel and Bone,” which explores the various identities humans carry within them, at Millennium Stage.

David Dorfman Dance’s “Prophets of Funk” at the American Dance Institute
Nov. 5 and 6

David Dorfman is a goofball, creating shows—like this homage to Sly and the Family Stone—that can be counted on to include dorky, funny, utterly human moments. But don’t be fooled: The man is also a gifted choreographer whose electric dancers invariably provide that satisfying visceral oomph.

The Merce Cunningham Dance Company Legacy Tour at the Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theater
Dec. 2 and 3

Merce Cunningham’s creations aren’t for everyone. His dances are as abstract and spare as they come, and the music—by distinct choice—rarely relates to the movement. But Cunningham, who died in 2009, was undeniably one of the greatest geniuses of modern dance, and this is the very last performance his company will give in the area before dissolving.