Bryan Ferry’s music is the epitome of Euro soul: smooth and sexy, yes, but—unlike American R&B—steeped in Teutonic cool. The Roxy Music singer and solo star doesn’t make rip-off-your-clothes-and-get-freaky-in-your-bedroom jams; it’s all slow-motion espionage, illicit rendezvous in centuries-old hotels, and stolen kisses in the night. The 66-year-old sartorialist will forever look the part of a debonair gentleman, and his most recent album, 2010’s Olympia, still casts him in the role of romantic lead. But you need not gaze at Ferry to get weak in the knees. Just let the crooner caress you with his rounded tenor as gently wah-ing guitars and lightly funky drums soundtrack a European vacation in your pants. And mind.

Bryan Ferry performs with The Phenomenal Handclap Band at 8 p.m. at the Music Center at Strathmore, 5301 Tuckerman Ln., North Bethesda. $55-$75. (301) 581-5100.