Standout Track: No. 11, “We Are You in the Future,” a fidgety, hybridized techno jam that swells and melts into unique shapes. For almost nine minutes, the Holland-born, Virginia-based dubstep producer builds upon his rich instrumental, adding handclaps and layers of synthesizers. The result is a track that’s both hyperactive and hypnotic.

Musical Motivation: The song was the last Martyn recorded for his new album, Ghost People. As the producer explains, the project lacked an epic closer—and he wanted an atmospheric dance track to characterize what happens “when the light goes on in the club at the end of the night.” It’s surreal, much like the 1990s rave DJs who Martyn used to like. “This is the music I imagined they would play,” he says.

No Love At Home: Martyn’s previous album, Great Lengths, was aptly named, as many of the songs topped the five-minute mark. For his new album, Martyn opted for a sound similar to the concise, techno-based sets he DJs in Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago. But he doesn’t play many shows in D.C. How come? “I don’t know why,” he says. “There doesn’t seem to be much going on, for whatever reason. I’m still a happy man because I’m playing good gigs.”