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Standout Track: No. 7, “Some Nights,” from the Silver Spring band’s upcoming 12-song indie-rock opera about a marriage on the verge of dissolution. At this point, the husband has grown weary and paranoid in his career, his wife is fed up, and an ex-girlfriend is back in the picture. Frontman Eric Tischler sings with equal amounts of vulnerability and agitation, and his simple, but effective, guitar riffs jostle the narrative toward a critical moment.

Musical Motivation: Tischler says the song is deliberately vague about whether the narrator hooks up with the ex; the lyrics focus instead on his longing and doubts (“I lie awake, as if you could be summoned”). In the end, “it may or may not matter” whether he cheats, Tischler says, because exposing the psychology was more important than creating a definitive plot. He wanted to tell a story in which “you don’t have the tools you need to get through the life you’ve built for yourself, or the tools disappear, or you’ve mislaid the tools. That’s very stressful….What does that stress do to you?”

Confusion is Sex: There’s nothing specifically autobiographical about “Some Nights,” says Tischler, 40, who is married with two children. It was originally written from the ex-girlfriend’s point of view, but he thought it “made her sound too much like a maneater, or too aggressive, and made her kind of a villain.” The song’s one-take immediacy—Pete Nuwayser’s drumming absolutely crackles—was more serendipitous, Tischler says. “I was like, ‘Y’know, we could do this better…but I don’t know if we’ll ever get that snare drum to sound like that on those choruses again.’”

The Jet Age performs Dec. 9 at Comet Ping Pong.