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Doom! And why not? There are so many dark omens these days—Harold Camping, East Coast earthquakes, supercommittees, Michael Bay films, Lars Von Trier films, Cylon invasion fleets—that you can’t really blame Woolly Mammoth for piling on. So for its latest booking of Second City, the Chicago-based improv-comedy juggernaut, Woolly is playing host to the end-times industry with Spoiler Alert: Everybody Dies. Look, whether a fusty Congressional panel is cutting your budget to death or a giant rogue planet is landing on your head, at least Woolly and Second City aren’t lying to you. Hell, Californians are pepper-spraying each other over X-Boxes on Black Friday—things really are headed downhill. With so much focused on frivolities like holiday revues and Yuletide follies, be thankful for Woolly’s desire to keep the season miserable. Expect yelling, finger pointing, broken spirits, misanthropy, and lots and lots of doom! Doom, I tells ya!

The show runs Dec. 6 to Jan. 8 at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, 641 D St. NW. Pay-what-you-can performance tonight at 8 p.m. All other shows start at $30. (202) 393-3939.