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The Liz Lerman Dance Exchange debuted in 1976 with a revolutionary credo: “Dance is for everyone.” Lerman put steelworkers, old folks, and poets onstage with trained dancers, in the process becoming a major modern-dance figure. So it was big news when she announced her departure in January. Goodbye to the one local company with a national footprint, right? But so far, the transition has worked out well for the area. New leader Cassie Meador and the rest of the renamed Dance Exchange say they’re dedicated to increasing their local presence. They’ve filled the company’s studios, once dark for weeks at a time, with regular classes, performances, and creative events. Still, the new activities are all over the board, from quilting and parlor games to policy talks, making movement just one of many focuses. The new team clearly gets the “everyone” from Lerman’s original slogan. The “dance” part might be getting lost.