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For years, friendly, accessible Ted Leonsis has played yin to Dan Snyder’s yang. The owner of the Capitals and Wizards, though, had a very yangy 2011. Could Washington be turning on its favorite sports mogul? Leonsis raised ticket prices for the fourth consecutive year. He fired his team’s longtime announcer. His Verizon Center’s concessionaires shrank the size of beers, but not their price. Venturing into politics, Leonsis accused President Barack Obama of attacking the rich, justifying the rant by boasting about the size of his Obama campaign donations. “Money still talks,” he wrote. Message board sages, perhaps merely season-ticket holders who’ve endured price hikes from a team that can’t get out of April, dubbed him “Leon$i$.” He’s frequently told a story about how, after a near-death experience, he came up with a “bucket list” of everything he wanted to accomplish. “Win a world championship” was among his life goals. It used to feel like Leonsis deserved that championship. In 2011, it started to feel like he needed one.