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Back in the days when the print edition was the only edition, “The List” in the Washington Post Style section was required reading. Where else could you get such a mixture of knowing snark and up-to-date cultural memes? Wrapping your hungover brain around the entries was a regional ritual. Now, of course, knowing snark and cultural memes are pretty much the only thing on the Internet, besides porn and discount shopping. And in the age of Twitter, jokes about the February zeitgeist don’t go over so well by the following Jan. 1; did you realize all that Charlie Sheen nonsense happened just this year, as opposed to, say, two years ago? So how to handle “The List” in these modern times? Make it an event! Dan Zak and Monica Hesse, the Posties responsible for the 2012 edition, will preview the New Year’s Day paper this afternoon at the Newseum. Although, actually, they’ve been previewing it all week—the 2012 List hit Tumblr on Tuesday. For the 2013 version, just bookmark BuzzFeed.

“Inside Media: 2011 in Review” begins at 2:30 p.m. at the Newseum’s Knight TV Studio, 555 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Access granted with $21.95 museum admission. (202) 639-7386.