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Standout Track: No. 2, “Ruby,” a minute-and-a-half party rager whose hook is as catchy as its words are unintelligible. Trust The Doozies that things don’t get too complicated. “We try not to worry too much about lyrics. We spend a lot more time mixing and producing,” says Dave Van Dusen, the guitarist and singer of the self-identifying “cheeseburger rock” duo, which excels at songs that are efficient, warm-sounding, and super-scuzzy. “We don’t use Andrew Bird-type words or At the Drive-In-type words.”

Musical Motivation: The Doozies’ dear departed dog. Ruby, a basset hound, “was a rather disagreeable dog, and that led to her demise,” says Dave. “She was very overweight. She stole lots of food from us.” Although Dave and his brother Henry have played music together since childhood, about two years ago they came up with the name The Doozies and started recording in their family’s basement in Chevy Chase. “We did little mathy riffs [before],” says Dave, 21. “Then we started writing actual songs.” “Ruby” is the first song the brothers wrote together, while their dog was still alive. “It’s sort of about our love-hate, but mostly love, relationship with her,” says Henry, 18. “Since she’s died I guess it’s taken on new meaning. We love playing that song.”

Gone With the Windian: The Doozies spent last summer wrapping up their 16-track self-titled album, which is available on Bandcamp and spans fuzzed-out garage-pop, food-minded Ramones pastiches, surf ballads, and an experiment or two in fingerstyle guitar. Then the brothers returned to college (Dave is a senior at Tulane in New Orleans, Henry a freshman at Columbia). But they’ll cement their D.C. connection early this year with an EP on local garage label Windian Records, and resume playing shows (as a four-piece) after the semester ends. “Hopefully we’ll play at Comet [Ping Pong] a bit this summer,” says Dave. “We live really close.”