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Standout Track: No. 14, “This Love,” a fluid mixture of trickling guitar chords and driving percussion, is a vehicle for ruminations on failed relationships and new romance. “He’s my reason for never leaving,” Madia sings. “I’m happy where I am.” But while there’s a certain naïve charm to Madia’s innocent voice, the band takes center stage here, turning the song into a full-scale jam session with complex drum breaks and prominent electric piano keys. While other songs took days to finish, this one was completed in just 90 minutes, she says.

Musical Motivation: Madia wrote the love song while coming back from southern Virginia. “I was feeling very settled and comfortable about being in a relationship,” she says. “When you have that right one, you realize the journey was all worth it.” The song—the third one recorded for Go Get It—took shape after the band heard a rough cut and decided to layer it with live instruments. That, Madia says, gave the song new life.

Home Sick: While Madia is relatively new to the local music scene, Go Get It is actually her third album. Some tracks pay homage to hyperlocal D.C., like “U Street,” which shouts out notable musicians Levi Stephens and W. Ellington Felton, among others. Music remains Madia’s main focus, but she’s not looking for superstardom. “That’s not the ultimate goal, but I guess I’m not an ‘art or die’ type of person,” Madia says. “I don’t want to put all the pressure on my music because that changes it. As long as I can cover the cost of the music, that’s fine.”