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Comic strips suck. Not inherently so, but the daily schedule is such a grind on most gag-based-comics creators that their work is usually smirk-worthy at best or, more likely, fling-the-newspaper-with-rage bad. But Dan Piraro’s beautifully drawn syndicated strip, Bizarro, isn’t just regularly funny; it’s downright LOL. His humor usually takes a common subject—say, buying a pastry—and turns it on its ear with a slightly surrealist bent: A man at “Sin-A-Bon” is asked by the devil-clerk, “May I hurt you?” Piraro has drawn more than 10,000 strips in his 25-year-career, and he’s celebrating the achievement with a series of anniversary gigs. The transition from drafting table to comedy stage may seem difficult, but Piraro’s one-liners are stand-up worthy, and his long-running live show incorporates puppetry, music, and, of course, images from the brilliance that is Bizarro.

Piraro performs at 8 p.m. at Riot Act Comedy Theater, 801 E St. NW. $15. riotactcomedy.com. (202) 697-4900.