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Where In Town: Whole Foods Market, 2323 Wisconsin Ave. NW

Price: $1.99/11.2 ounces

The Brew Danube

Made with einkorn wheat, one of the world’s first domesticated crops, this exotic beer hails from what the label calls “the bio-dynamic Meinklang farm in the Pannonian area of Burgenland in the east of Austria.” The grains aren’t the only ancient thing about it, either: This bottle, and several others stuck in make-your-own-six-pack purgatory at the Glover Park Whole Foods, expired in December. Still, I couldn’t escape the bargain-basement sale price, the pull of Pannonian Burgenland, or maybe just the farm’s New Age biodynamic growing methods. (From the Meinklang website: “The influence of the cosmos on flora and fauna has been positively proven.”) It might not measure up to Mozart, but on the spectrum of old Austrian exports, Meinklang’s not so bad.

Ale of Aquarius

This biodynamic brew is pretty watery, with a general innocuousness that neither wows nor offends. Consider it a Central European Yuengling with farm-to-table cred. If you really stick your nose in the glass, you’ll get some honey and maybe a hint of banana. It tastes malty and slightly sweet, and the primeval wheat might just add some spice. With a little luck, maybe it won’t go extinct.