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Location: Bar Pilar, 1833 14th St. NW

Bartender reaction: “How do you feel about beer cocktails?”

What we got: Flying Dog’s IPA with a shot of American Turkey Wild Honey, garnished with a honeycomb

How it tasted: Heady, sweet, but still warm-weather appropriate thanks to the IPA’s hoppiness—at least for the first few sips. After that, the rapidly dissolving honeycomb turned this cocktail into a cloying, thick syrup.

Price: $10

Improv points (1–5): 3. The drink, rather literally named Bees in the Beer, can be found on Bar Pilar’s cocktail menu. We weren’t too crazy to be sipping on such a viscous beverage. But, hey, we’re in a generous mood this week. It’s nice out!

Location: Masa 14, 1825 14th St. NW

Bartender reaction: “Sounds like you want something fruity.”

What we got: Cherry-infused tequila, cilantro, agave nectar, and lime, shaken over ice

How it tasted: This could’ve been a boozy, refreshing libation. Unfortunately, the cherry-infused tequila and cilantro were barely perceptible; there was too much agave and lime, and the cocktail came off as little more than tart sugar water.

Price: $12

Improv points (1–5): 3. Much like our drink from Bar Pilar, the idea behind this drink was far superior to its execution. But, really, who cares? Just feel that warm breeze blowing through the open door.

Location: Looking Glass Lounge, 3634 Georgia Ave. NW

Bartender reaction: “Like a margarita? I can make you a margarita!”

What we got: A margarita: lime, tequila, sugar. Hold the salt!

How it tasted: Well, like a margarita, which, sometimes, is exactly what you want as the weather warms up.

Price: $8

Improv points (1-5): 1. This definitely was not the most thrilling drink we’ve tasted. Heck, we’ve had bigger, better margaritas at Red Lobster. Still, we’re sleeveless and sporting shades. Another one, please!